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Assignment WA03 - 9 points

Born this way


Before you start this assignment, make sure you have closely and carefully watched Tomboy (2011), which I first assigned here, (on WA02). I reposted it below for your reference. You will need your UNF email address and MyWings password to activate it and if you have any problems you can click here and access it directly on the UNF Kanopy site. Just as a reminder, this is a French film with English subtitles and around an hour and twenty minutes long. By the time you have reached this assignment it is expected that you have already viewed it.


01. 5 points, At least 135 words > Describe how Laure's mother understands Laure's gender identity (i.e., in the film Tomboy, above) and then listen to the following audio clips to simply compare and contrast her understanding to Marlo Mack's understanding of her daughter's gender. In order to get your full points here you must reference at least two scenes or happens or pieces of dialogue from the film Tomboy (2014) above, at least three of the podcast episodes posted below and write at least 135 words. All the episodes from How To Be A Girl, below, are from 2014, the exact same year Tomboy, above was made. Just as another little note: Before you start working on this question you might want to scroll down and take a look at Q02 + Q03 so you know what else to listen for.

  • E01 "Mama I'm A Girl" (assigned earlier in the sequence for Q02 above), Click here, 7 minutes
  • E02 "Daily Life in the House of Girls" Click here, 10 minutes
  • E07 "The Facts (about transgender kids)" Click here (and watch the video too), 29 minutes


02. Based on the materials used in Q01 above, how is it different to see or watch a story about a person's gender identity, like you get to in Tomboy (2014) rather than to just listen to it, like you get to do in Marlo Mack's podcast? In order to get your full point for this question, you must reference both Tomboy (2014) and Marlo Mack's podcast at least once and to be be sure to explain and defend your response.


03. 1 point, 45-90 words > Up until this moment in the course we have been defining gender as something that people grow into.  That it, it is something they can put on and take off, perform or hide. This isn't my idea. I got it from a philosopher named Judith Butler. You can hear her explain this theory in the video below and then scroll past the video for your question.

Find a moment from the film Tomboy


05 Marlo mack space questions