2019 - Gender - Course Index

Assignment WA01 - 6 points

01 - Boyhood (girlhood, womanhood, manhood)

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01. 2 points, 4 words > Just confirm for me that you watched Boyhood (2014), assigned to you here, all the way through by telling me the style and color of the shirt Mason wears in the following scenes. I know this is a silly question, but I want to give you a couple of points for putting in the time to really watch a two hour and fifty minute film closely and to the end. You get a half point for each correct answer.

  • When his first step-father makes him cut his hair
  • When he visits his Mom in her classroom while she is teaching
  • When he goes to visit colleges with his high school girlfriend
  • The very last scene of the film


02. 4 points, 45-90 word descriptions for each of the four main characters - Mason, Samantha, Olivia and Mason Sr. > Once you have carefully watched the film Boyhood (2014), assigned to you here, describe wherewhen and how each of the main characters - Mason, Samantha, Olivia (the Mom) and Mason Sr. (the Dad) - realize that they are a gender? This is exactly the same question I asked you on our first Discussion Board on Canvas, i.e., DB01, only rather than reflecting on yourself you are reflecting on other people. This is where our course really, really starts. Sociology has two main rules: First - When attempting to create a formal, academic a sociological statement you can never, ever talk about yourself. Formal, academic sociological analyses are always about someone other than the sociologist or, in the case, the student of sociology. And, second - You always need to talk about more than one person. Sociological analyses are always about the interactions between people or a person and the wider culture or society. This little question about Mason, Samantha, Olivia and Mason Sr. is where we start. So! Here is your question again, to officially start our Gender and Society course!: Once you have carefully watched the film Boyhood (2014), assigned to you here, describe wherewhen and how do each of the main characters - Mason, Samantha, Olivia (the Mom) and Mason Sr. (the Dad) - realize that they are a gender?

  • Make sure you make sure your little explanation for each charactr is between 45-90 words of good clear prose without any glaring spelling, grammatical or typographical errors. You will get 1 point for each explanation for a total score of 4 points for this question.
  • Make sure you answer where, when and how for each character. I will be looking for specifics and detail in your explanations and that you watched the film really closely.
  • Make sure you specifically reference at least one scene or happening or piece of dialogue from Boyhood (2014) to back up you explanation for each character
  • Make sure you explain and defend your response. This is by far the most important thing to do for each one of your explanations. You need to have a good reason that shows that you watched this film closely and in it's entirety.
  • If you didn't notice the definition for gender I gave on your first Discussion Board on Canvas, (which is also due when this assignment is due), I reproduced it for you here: Gender is the state of being male or female, typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. Also, in languages such as Latin, Greek, Russian, and German, each of the classes (typically masculine, feminine, common, neuter) of nouns and pronouns distinguished by the different inflections that they have and require in words syntactically associated with them. Grammatical gender is only very loosely associated with natural distinctions of sex.