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Last Extra Credit Assignment, Worth 3 points

Due via my new email address for papers draudreysprenger2@gmail.com by NOON on Monday, April 27

Documenting Something Happening In Real Time

1. 1 point > 250 words > Simply compare the coming out stories of Renne Richards - as presented in the documentary Renee, screened in class on Wednesday, 4/8 to what you discovered in your Tabloid Assignment on the alleged coming out of Bruce Jenner.

2. 1 point > 250 words > Watch Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC TV on Friday, 4/24 at 9 PM and do a close reading on it, much like you did for your Tabloid Assignment. That is, pay attention to what is said and how it is said and write up your findings any way you want provided they amount to around 250 words.

3. 1 point > 250 words > How is the topic of Bruce Jenner's sexuality changing now that he has becoming source material on this topic, as opposed to just being a (Tabloid) topic?