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The Story Of The Town Of Pine Point

05. For Question 04, you dig deep into the story of a single house. Now consider the story about an entire townLearn about Pine Point by reading, listening to and viewing Paul Shoebridge & Michael Simons' Welcome To Pine Point (2011). If you have any problems accessing this site, cut and paste http://pinepoint.nfb.ca/#/pinepoint into your browser. Once this story/web page loads, you will hear a voice and see this page.

Then you will see this:

There are a couple of ways to read, listen to and view Welcome To Pine Point. You can click on "Go" tab, which is to your right, and then page through this web site it like a book. Notice that there is also a "Next" tab in the center of the right edge, which you can click on to start reading, listening and viewing. Or, if you click on the "Intro" tab in the lower left hand corner you can click through the various parts of this story/web site. It should take you around 30 minutes to work through the entire story/web site.

Once you have read, listened to and viewed Welcome To Pine Point answer the following questions