Marriage + Family - Part 3 - Mary Poppins + The Great Global Myth Of Happily Ever After

The Vivian Maier Lecture

1. The Mystery

In 2009 a guy named John Maloof found a box of old negatives and some unprocessed film

He started printing some of them and they seemed like they were pretty good

What do you think?

How about this one?

Or this one?

Or this one?

He learned that the box of negatives and processed film belonged to a woman named Vivian Maier

She sometimes appeared in the images

A full generation before Kim Kardashian and without an I Phone or Instagram, she took a lot of selfies

John tried to Google Vivian Maier couldn't find anything ... except this in the Chicago Tribune

Who was this woman?

And why didn't she print or even process her film when it was clear that it was a daily practice, an obsession even and that she was very, very good at it?

The plot thickened when he learned that she had worked most of her life as a nanny

In class I streamed parts of the documentary Finding Vivian Maier (2014) in class.

2. I happen to believe that Vivian Maier the real Mary Poppins?

She was an excellent nanny who would appear out of nowhere

She was strict but fun

She was pro kindness

And anti-Bank

She was really anti-Bank

More - Go through each link carefully

More on the story of Vivian Maier

More on the story of Vivian Maier

VM - Street Photography 1

VM - Street Photography 2

VM - Street Photography 3

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VM - Street Photography 5

> A quick slideshow

On Vivian M.'s Selfies 1

On Vivian M.'s Selfies 2

3. More resources

The story of Vivian Maier

The mystery

Who Took Nanny's Pictures? (2013)

Watch the following documentary in its entirety. You will have to click the big blue button below and watch it on Vimeo. It is a little over an hour long.

4. What is happening right now