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How can the story of Ramón fill in the sociological gaps between the stories of Victor and Miguel and Marisol? Be sure to answer all parts of this question and to explain and defend your response. 

In Guten Tag, Ramón (2015), Ruth helps Ramon but not another character who is living homeless in the streets of Wiesbaden. See below. Who is this character and why do you think she helps Ramón and not him? Be sure to explain and defend your response. Note: I think that at first, she helps Ramón because he is super foreign to the town, (i.e., exotic) and just super cute in any culture. Novelty and looks matter, I think, when it comes to acts of kindness.
Offer a methodological explanation as to why Robert Park didn't document the gay communities of Chicago in the 1930s and Alfred C. Kinsey did? Explain and defend your reponse.
Ramón would be called a migrant, which is different than a refugee. If you click here you will find a series twenty of stories about refugees who have made their way to Europe. They were documented by street photographer Brandon Stanton. Summarize why and how one of these people had to leave their homes and find another as a way to make a better definition of refugee than the Google one I linked earlier in the question.