The Marisa Meltzer question

The pop cultural phenomena of putting a thin, White actress in a prosthetic fat suit is a continuation of the Minstrel Show

The Minstrel Show is a late 19th century pop cultural phenomena

It emerged before and outside of mass culture

It eventually becomes a part of mass culture

It starts out as White, working-class men performing skits and songs from and/or about African-American culture

Remember - when it starts it is the late 19th century

In the late 19th century the songs and stories from African-American culture would be ...

Remember the three types or characters ...

The jokes would be ...

This slowly changes over time, i.e., it gets updated

The overt markers of the Minstrel Show, i.e., Black face ... Begin to disappear in place of white performers simply "acting Black" ... Miley Cyrus VMAs

By the 1930s, (once mass culture has fully become a thing), there are also actual African-American people becoming pop cultural performers

These African-America performers play characters that are not too unlike Minstrels

In fact, this was the argument of Spike Lee in the early 2000s

Jay Z - The OJ Show

Fat suit phenomena more recent

Late 20th, early 21st

A product of the mass media, of Hollywood

Featured very famous White actress

Here are some of the ways it could be seen as a continuation like Meltzer suggests

Weight is a part of the body, just like someone's race it

Control of weight, control of shade

There is an ideal, an idea of perfection for White women

In the late 20th, early 21st that was thin

Not necessarily true for non-White women

Wasn't always true for White Women

Amelia Earhart