Introductory Sociology - Fall 2017 - A2 - 05

If you were not in Class during Week 1 to take notes this assignment may not make sense

Write a 300-word letter to Stanley Milgrim.  Seriously, start it out:  Dear Stanley,  Explain to him how Jon Kleinberg of Cornell University has updated his famous 1967 An Experiment of The Small World Problem and then explain why Kleinberg's update might have its own methodological problems based on the early twenty-first century social thing known as The Catfish.  Root your letter in the sources posted below

Catfish (2010)

Here is how your letter will be assessed

  • Direct engagement of the above instructions - 1 point
  • Knowledge of Travers and Milgrim's Small World Experiment (1967) - 1 point
  • Knowledge of the critiques of Milgrim's Small World Experiment - 1 point
  • Knowledge of Kleinberg's update of Milgrim's Small World Experiment (1967)  - 1 point
  • Specific reference to the Catfish documentary above - 1 point