Answer each question using between 90 and 135 words of good clear prose without any glaring spelling, grammatical or typographical errors and submit as a PDF file to Canvas by the deadline. Each correct answer will be worth a maximum of two points.

01. Make the case that women's competitive figure skating is as much about beauty ideals and social class as it is athleticism. Your answer needs to reference both of the videos about Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan below. Make sure you make it clear what you are referencing from each video in order to receive your points. My notes on this topic are here.

02. Would the Rational or Feminist Response to the Woman Problem/Question help justify Diana Guzman beating up her verbally abusive father (i.e., patriarch)? Explain and defend your response. An explanation of the Rational Response to the Woman Problem/Question can be found here, the Feminist Response here and Diana Guzman was a lead character in the film Girlfight (2000), parts of which you were expected to watch here.

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