Introductory Sociology - Fall 2016 - Extra Credit 01

The Fortune Cookie Café

Watch Jennifer 8 Lee's The Search For General Tso (2014) in its entirety. You can find it here or on Netflix. Then find yourself a Chinese-American restaurant that serves General Tso's chicken and do the following.

  • Document in words or sounds or images where the restaurant is
  • Document the way this take on General Tso's chicken is represented on the menu.  Feel free to use a vegetarian or vegan version.  Explain whether or not you think a restaurant menu would be something W. I. Thomas would consider a personal document and anthropologically telling of an intact community.
  • Sample this restaurants version of General Tso's chicken and explain whether or not it resembles the original version Lee discusses in the documentary
  • Explain who General Tso is according to Lee - NOT Wikipedia - and compare the mythology surrounding him to the one surrounding Colonel Sanders; Your ideas on Colonel Sanders must come from the materials assigned at the bottom of this page
  • Compare the myths of General Tso and Colonel Sanders

Each part of this extra credit assignment needs to be at least 45-90 words for a total of around 225-450 words. If for the very first part you choose to document your restaurant using some form of media, you don't need the full word count. Also - If you use some form of media for the first part of this assignment submit it via email rather than via the portal by the deadline.

Colonel Sanders materials for your reference:

Click here and scroll to the 31'15 minute mark to listen to TAL-145, Act 3, "How To Do The Funky Chicken" (1999) - 13 minutes. Click here and scroll down to Act 3 for a transcript. Below are some commercials of both a real and fake Colonel Sanders, who was invented a little bit before that other chicken genius General Tso.